Before the great depression Mathias Schulz’ brand of luxurious pianos graced the homes of many well-to-dos across the nation, including right here in Chicago. His pianos were adorned with flapper girls, men puffing cigars and sipping brandy straight from crystal glasses as they fingered a tune to the delight of party goers. Schulz himself was a well-respected Chicagoan known for his optimistic outlook and having an extremely fierce work ethic. He was well liked and thought of as one of the most honest businessmen of the time.

Schulz started his business in 1869 after immigrating to America from Germany following the death of his mother. Schulz longed for companionship and purpose, which eventually led him to find a new life abroad. His first two years outside of Germany were spent in London where he started an apprenticeship with a cabinet maker. It was during this time that Shulz began to appreciate craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

After London Schulz sailed to New York and later settled in Chicago. Aside for Schulz personality, his piano company was well respected due to its high quality material and finishings. Each piano came with a guaranteed ten year warrantee. They were also a coveted item because the pianos had the clearest and most accurate tone and scale in the industry.

The company quickly gained momentum and high praise. From the wealthy to the famous, an M Schulz Co. piano was the first choice. Mathias Schulz died in in 1899 at the age of 57. The company was passed on to his son Otto who proved to be a worthy businessman in his own right. Unfortunately the Great Depression resulted in the closing of M Schulz Co. In the early 1930s M Schulz Co. was sadly forced out of business.

The reselling of a Schulz piano can fetch you as much as $18,000.


The building was erected in 1889 and soon after became the office space of Mathias Schulz and later his son Otto Schulz. The entrance features the original mosaic tile installation that notes you have arrived at M Schulz Co. offices. You can also see from the outside retro glass block windows that scale the building, letting in an abundance of natural light. While the exterior features the original molding and foundation, much of the interior has been renovated to reflect modern times, including the addition of an elevator.


The apartment offers an open floor plan, making the most of its 2,291 square feet. There are hardwood floors throughout, new finishings in the bathroom and kitchen, plus large windows, and high ceilings. The interior features funky décor, mixing 1930s era design with modern art deco style. There are sections throughout that pay homage to Schulz and his intricate and elegant piano design. Interlacing the old with the new gives this event space a timeless, dynamic, fun, and versatile appearance.


Minutes from the Chicago Blue Line stop and accessible from multiple bus routes such as the 66 and 65. By car the location offers quick access to and from the express way. It is also located near Chicago attractions such as the River North area, West Loop’s night life and restaurants, and Fulton Market. Grocery store, coffee shops, and fantastic restaurants are also steps away.


River West is a thriving neighborhood gaining more and more attention daily. Once part of River North its quick development and unique character attributed to being recognized as an individual neighborhood in its own right. Home to funky art collections, Aire Ancient Baths, book shops, art studios, and eclectic restaurants, the area attracts people seeking new an engaging thrills. 

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