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1) What is exactly is a Deconversion?

A deconversion is when all the owners in a condo association sell their units in bulk to a single buyer. Thus, the entire building becomes bought out by one entity.

2) What are the advantage of Deconversions?

This answer depends on who you are within this transaction. If you own your unit and also live in it, then you accept a purchase amount and can also lock in a lower rent rate as part of the negotiation process. The lower rent rate usually applies for up to 18 months. After that a new rent price may be negotiated, according to the new owner. If you own your unit but rent it out, the deconverter is required to abide by the current rental contract. Once the contract expires the deconverter can set a new

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According to statistics pulled from lead rental and buying platforms like Zillow, Real Estate Firms like Coldwell Banker, and analytics provided by mashvisor, there are many compelling and interesting predictions for real estate trends for Chicago in 2020.

1) One such prediction is that Chicago Real Estate prices remain affordable. While nationally Chicago’s home buying price average is 93% higher than the median valued home, it is still lower than other major cities such as Miami, San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, and Washington DC. Because of Chicago’s affordability the market anticipates a stabilization in Chicago Investment properties, suggesting more residential buildings will development in the near

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Reside360 is always striving to be ahead of the curve in the real estate market. This is why we’ve ventured into the commercial and residential short-term rental market. We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight our latest property, and she’s a real beauty! At over 2300 square feet, this large and open space is available for a myriad of uses: from photo shoots, to business meetings, or a great place for friends and family to stay when they’re visiting.

The building was built in 1889, as the original offices of M Schulz Co., luxurious piano manufacturers. Several original features remain, including the mosaic entrance, glass windows, and trim. River West Studio is located on the first floor. Newly remodeled interior features exposed brick

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Among the vibrant streets of Old Town, atop the historic Second City building at Piper’s Alley, Utopian Tailgate perches. You may have noticed a sudden flooding on your Instagram from friends of a new gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline, framed by white Christmas lights, with old school music bumping in the background. It begs the question, how was there not a rooftop bar there sooner?

Opened for less than a month, Utopian Tailgate, taking note from the success of game-focused restaurants and bars, features a full American-style menu, full bar, and lots of games. The most used at the time I attended were the oversized Jenga set, and bags (cornhole). So, is Utopian Tailgate a hit or miss?

The Hit:

The bar played eclectic music, from

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Winter is still a few months away, but just the thought of those permeating cold drafts wandering through your house is enough to give you chills. While plummeting mid-west temperatures are unavoidable outside, seeking refuge in the warmth of our homes is a delight many of us treasure. But what if your home loses warmth quickly, or the electricity bill starts reaching staggering amounts? Fear not! Get warm and cozy with these five inexpensive options to keep the heat in and the frigid cold out!

1) Recaulk your Windows and Door Frames

There is varying levels of quality among caulk, so even if you’ve caulked within the last two years, it’s possible that there are cracks allowing cold air through. Be sure to look at your electricity bill over the

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As you make your way down the highway on 290 or you’re out on the waters of Lake Michigan, you can see the sleek silver building, Legacy at Millennium Park has pierced its way into the Chicago sky. The 72 story high building is mixed use, with higher floors dedicated to residences, and lower ones operating as classrooms for the School of Art Institute of Chicago.

Right now the building is offering close out pricing for its units and free parking. Since the opportunity to buy is more enticing than ever reside360 wanted to highlight this residential building that was built ten years ago and is the thirteenth tallest skyscraper in Chicago.

Legacy’s architectural design from firm Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz, is purposely narrow, to offer more endless

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photo courtesy of Chicago Park District

As a cyclist in-between novice and experienced, I fall somewhere within the spectrum of the majority of cyclist using the Lake Front Path as a source of exercise and transportation. The recently separated path is a godsend. In areas around North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach not only was a biker forced to bike at a snail’s pace, but the areas were so congested that it was downright dangerous. This is not an exaggeration, bike collisions on the Lake Front Path have resulted in death. I’ve also seen multiple bicyclists along the path tending to broken bikes from a recent crash and wiping up blood from their knees with their shirts. Taking the path has felt kind of like a “bike at your own risk” type of situation for far too long.

The separated

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Image result for barton g chicago

(photo from Chicago Tribune)

Fill in the blank:  Reservations at Barton G are like __________, they don’t matter.

After hearing how spectacular the presentation was at Barton G, a restaurant that opened up in February in River North, we had to see for ourselves. We made a reservation a few days in advanced for 7:15 and arrived at Barton G’s decorative entrance a few minutes prior. We checked in and were told that we’d be seated shortly and get a text message alert when our table was ready. We headed to the bar to bide our time, and overheard a gentleman say to his dining partner, “what’s the point of a reservation if you still wait 20 minutes?” What a great question! We waited at the bar for about 30 minutes.

The silver lining is that the bar

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When you decide to buy a condominium, remember it’s a different process from buying a single-family home. There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a condominium in Chicago.

Buyers are attracted to condo living because of the convenience to area shopping, dining, and amenities. If a repair is needed, the building maintenance team handles it, not the unit owner. Not everyone wants to mow a backyard lawn every weekend or tend to unruly shrubbery, so condo living appeals to people with fast-paced busy lifestyles who want to live in downtown Chicago where all the dining, shopping, and nightlife are a few steps away. 

Keep a proactive outlook when selecting a unit. Think about how your family or living situation may change in the

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When you think of buying a brand new home built the way you want it, you expect the process to be easy without obstacles like repairs and contingencies. However, there are things you should keep in mind when buying a new construction condominium in Chicago. This is a list of tips to help you get the most for your money and what to expect when you buy a new construction condominium in Chicago. 

Be Patient and Get Upgrade Costs in Writing

When you buy an existing home, you can expect to move into your home in a couple of months or sooner. However, new construction condos can take longer depending on how far along the developer is in the construction process.

Make sure the estimated completion date works for your schedule. Be prepared for

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