October 2016

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It may surprise you to hear that Lincoln Park wasn’t always a highly sought after area, and in fact has a turbulent past.

Before the 1830s the area that is now known as Lincoln Park was swamp land and home to Native Americans. Eventually a US Amy base was developed and as the area became industrialized and used for agriculture a community sprang.

Not long after smallpox broke out and claimed the lives of many. The dead were buried in shallow graves, and due to less than efficient drainage systems the cemetery had to be relocated, which meant digging up the dead. Makes your current job sound pretty appealing doesn’t it?

Fast forward to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Lincoln Park was leveled and many lost their lives. It was at this point that

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There’s a fallacy out there in the real estate world that says it’s a bad idea to list a home for sale during the winter. The belief is that a home in the winter doesn’t show as well and that most people move during the summer when the weather is better and the kids are out of school. Let me disprove this theory once and for all!

The Inventory Matches the Demand

During the winter less homes are for sale overall, but less people are also on the hunt. This means that a buyer will take a closer look at your home instead of being inundated by what’s on the market. Many business men and women are relocated for work during the first quarter, and these people are looking to buy, and often in a hurry.

Winter Can Be Cozy

Sure, a winter storm can delay

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