December 2016

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Perhaps the only people happy about winter in Chicago are the snowmen. Below are the top ten Snowmen across Chicagoland! Click the hyperlinks to check out spaces available for buying or renting in the indicated area!

10) Rainbow Beach Park Snowmen getting ready for….camping? 

9) The perfect looking snowman in Beverly. This is the Denzel Washington of snowmen…

8) Starting forward for the Bulls...on the West side of Chicago! 

7) Upper-Westside, where it looks like the people are sweeter.

6) This hipster snowman, with just a hint of a goatee was right outside of Cobb Café in Hyde Park.

5) Outside of Navy Pier, in the Streeterville area, this little snowman doubles as an advertisement as well as voicing the sentiments

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Baby, it’s cold outside, but how do you keep it warm inside without freezing your bank account? Below are a few tips and tricks to keep your heating bill down during the winter.

1) Keep track of your thermostat. There are many fancy thermostats out there that you can program to change the temperature at certain times throughout the day. If it’s not in your budget to have one of those systems installed, then you have to keep on top of it yourself. Set a daily alarm in your phone to remind you to turn the thermostat down before you leave for work, and even at night if you sleep with heavy blankets. Those cold moments in the morning while waiting for your place to warm back up could save you hundreds!

If you’re not okay with waiting for it to

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