May 2017

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By: Maura Braun

A big part of city living in downtown Chicago, is having a spectacular view. “My job is to bring the outdoors in, even if that means taking everything up 45 floors,” says Interior Designer, Maura Braun. “We bring nature into our interiors to add a modern, textural warmth to the home. Nature is just one of Braun’s three must haves for a successful project, which are nature, color, and materials.

Think of how you feel on a late June afternoon. The sun is touching you with warmth through its red and yellow based color palette that bathes everything in a warm glow. The divides of a tree’s bark are accentuated with texture and shadows that make for a very warm and friendly encounter.

Photo Courtesy of Lambros Photography, Inc.Photo Courtesy of Lambros Photography, Inc.


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