June 2017

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Interior designer Jeannie Balsam of Jeannie Balsam Interiors is a woman known for providing highly functional interiors that are beautiful, classic, and inviting. With her 17 plus years of experience in the industry she’s no stranger to design challenges, especially when it comes to making the most of space in downtown Chicago’s condos.

As city dwellers know, one major challenge that comes with a prime downtown location is the shortage of square footage. That’s why Balsam considers storage solutions right out of the gate, during the preliminary stages of her design. “Without storage the space will just end up cluttered, which means the design they wanted and worked so hard to perfect will never look as great as intended,” says Balsam.

Some of

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Is Chicago’s Booming Real Estate Poised to Fail?

You’ve seen the stories. River North is booming! South Loop is booming! Buy, Lease, Go! But, is there a major influx of people coming to Chicago? Can this boom sustain its costs?

In the South Loop a large shopping mall project that was given the green light last August has remained vacant for several months, and now has a “for sale” sign on display. It was noted that the investor listed as Jaytee LLC recently filed for bankruptcy, but it’s unknown if this is contingent on the failed South Loop shopping mall project or a different unsuccessful venture. The South Loop itself has already seen development with new shopping centers and restaurants, so perhaps it’s possible that the failed shopping mall

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