30 Kitchen Things You Don’t Need But Want (Badly)

Posted by reside360 Team on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 at 5:28pm.

See anything you love? You can order it right now for yourself on Amazon! Many of these items also make great house-warming gifts.

30) Reef Fruit Bowl


Add color and texture to your kitchen with this reef fruit bowl. It comes in three colors, black, red, and silver, to match any kitchen’s scheme.

29) Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray

 For those ruff days that can only be solved by a refreshing drink, this adorable ice cube tray is a match made in doggy heaven.

28) Bread Bin


Alright, we will be honest, bread is more boring than, well, bread. Now Designs offers bread boxes in a multitude of colors that pop to give the boring old bread box a breath of freshness.

27) Arthur Boiled Egg Cup Holder with Eating Spoon


It may be hard not to play with your food with this egg cup holder, but you’re an adult now, so you can do whatever you dang well please!

26) Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup


This coffee cup is a great mix of sophisticated and functional. It also comes in multiple colors!

25) T-Rex Spaghetti Noodle Pasta Measurer


Forget being so hungry you could eat a horse, try being so hungry you could eat a T-Rex! Admit it, you have no idea how to measure out pasta. This handy device changes all of that. Stop wasting precious carbs, and get your hands on one of these.

24) Cutlery Knife Set with Magnetic Strip and Sharpener


There is so much to love about this knife set. Not only is it colorful, but the knives are labeled so you know what they were made to do! The magnetic strip means you can mount these on the wall to save space in your drawers, and it doubles as decoration.

23) Sponge Holder


Sponges are the bane of existence for many kitchens. They are a necessary evil, but look gross basically anywhere. This sponge holder gives the sponge a makeover, while also allowing it to dry more thoroughly, equaling less smell. There’s no way someone who owns one of these doesn’t name their little sponge-holding buddy!

22) 4-Piece Glass Canister Cylinder Set


Storing cardboard boxes (like oats or cereal) in the kitchen can get cumbersome, not to mention being an eye-sore. This stainless steel storage set offers organization and pop!

21) Drink Rocks


Keep your drinks cool and interesting with these delightful drink rocks! It’s also a great way to know which drink is yours when you have guests over for a drink. I call the pyramid!

20) Serving Set


With a subtle design and a little color, it’s hard not to appreciate these serving utensils. It’s a twist on the classic wooden spoon that helps add a touch of personalization.

19) Nesting Bowls Set


If you’re anything like the average person, you can find some type of measuring device in every other drawer in your kitchen. While having them is an integral part of cooking and baking, the clutter is not! These nesting bowls save space and you can choose from two different color schemes!

18) Salt and Pepper Shakers


Be honest, the only salt and pepper shakers you have were the ones you stole from Applebee’s when you were a sophomore in college. Well, time to grow up! Check out this set with a grinder to offer the freshest spices possible! It even adjusts depending on the coarseness of salt or pepper you prefer.

17) Rolling Pin


So you’re a baker, covered in flour. It’s a mess. Enter this beautiful rolling pin! Who cares if the cake made from scratch tastes like sawdust, this rolling pin brightens up any recipe!

16) 2-Slice Toaster


Have a little fun with this retro-style toaster in your kitchen. It comes in six different colors and is fun for the whole family! And how!

15) Luchador Bottle Opener


What’s more enjoyable than cracking a cold one among friends? Doing it with a luchador chokehold. Obviously.

14) Ceramic Cat Measuring Cups


You won’t want to hide these purfect measuring cups in a cupboard! They are hand-painted, functional, and awaiting their fur-ever home.

13) Salad Servers


These colorful salad servers come in many patterns, all more colorful than the last. They are great for that summer BBQ you’ve been planning, which will more than likely be the talk of the party!

12) Hot Dog Toaster


This. Is. Not. A. Drill. This baby toasts your bread while it roasts your dogs! This is truly a modern marvel.

11) Hulk Hand Coffee Mug


You wouldn’t like me before I’ve had my first cup of coffee. This mug is toxin-free ceramic, and holds up to 24 ounces.

10) Glass Tea Infuser


Loose tea offers bolder flavor, and more control with portioning. This tea infuser boasts a fun design, plus easy clean up!

9) Cork Screw/Wine Opener


Life gets a little more colorful when wine is involved! This parrot cork screw can attest to that. Combined wine with the whimsical.

8) Cutting board


Couldn’t you just eat up this cutting board? Doesn’t it just make you smile? Okay, we’re out of puns, but this cutting board is still pretty awesome!

7) Smiley Face Pancake Pan


You may have kids or you may want to incite glee in your inner-child. Either way, making silver-dollar sized pancakes just became more fun! The pan has a non-stick surface, and you can choose from a variety of patterns like smiley faces or zoo animals.  

6) Hawaiian Pineapple Tumbler


Pretend you’re lounging on a beach in Oahu year-round with this tropical tumbler! This brass beauty comes in three sizes for your sipping pleasure.

5) Nessie Soup Ladle


The Loch Ness monster is no longer an urban legend! Coming to a chicken broth near you! These ladles come in three color combinations and are dishwasher safe.

4) Teapot with infuser


A teapot with an infuser AND ten amazing colors to choose from? Okay, we’re sold! Having a lovely teapot is an easy way to make a house feel like a home. It holds 24 ounces, so you can make tea to share!

3) Ceramic Blade Multi Color Kitchen Knife Set


To continue with the bird theme, this colorful knife set that doubles as bird wings is functional and fun. Display your cutlery proudly! The knife offers a no-slip grip and is stain resistant.

2) Chemist's Spice Rack


Were you one those kids that asked Santa for a chemistry set, year after year, but it never came? Make your childhood dreams come true with this amazing spice rack! It’s never too late to recapture your youth.

1) Multifunction Breakfast Center


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Check out this handy mealtime center to get your day going quick! It comes in two sizes and multiple colors.


If you haven't blacked out with excitement over these items, check out what else reside360 has to offer! Happy hunting to you!

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