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Yea, yea, Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark Holiday created as a by-product of consumerism. Are we done being a negative Nancy now? Cool! While complaints about the holiday, from cynics to singles, may have their place, one of the other downfalls of this romantic celebration is falling into the same routine: wine, steak, and a cute couple’s dessert – from aw to yawn. So this Valentine’s Day may we suggest spicing things up? Skip the humdrum and try something new by checking out one of the proposals below!

1) Sushi Making at Kamehachi

For your first date the two of you went to that new and happening Indian Barbeque meets Ethiopian Fusion place, and it was love at first bite. Keep that flavor fresh with a sushi making class at Kamehachi in Old Town.

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Point and Feather, River North’s new dart-centered bar, is the perfect venue to unwind and forget your woes for an evening. There’s something remarkably therapeutic about throwing a small missile at a target, hearing the loud thwack as it strikes the board, occasionally scoring a bullseye (probably by accident).

Unlike ping-pong, the latest gaming phenomenon that’s recently gripped Chicago, darts is an experience you can enjoy alone or with your friends. It’s also a game that provides plenty of downtime between turns to socialize with others or grab one of Point and Feather’s gin-based cocktails (try the Queen of Thorns, a beefeater gin-based cocktail made with pineapple, lemon, and dried rose, if you’re looking for a new addiction). The venue

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It seems like you can’t blink without hearing something new on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and its potential. Bitcoin is now slowly infiltrating into the real estate market as well, which is notorious for some of its more antiquated practices. Yet, purchases in Austin and Manhattan were brokered with Bitcoin as the sole source of currency.

Some real estate agencies across the US are becoming more open to accepting cryptocurrency for purchasing a home, as well as agents accepting it as their commission. In areas where the real estate market is slow brokerages hope cryptocurrency is the answer to giving their firm more of an edge by offering different purchasing options. They are taking note from foreign markets that already accept cryptocurrency

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We’re sure you’ve noticed the plummeting temperatures, and while the weather is unpredictable, you can plan ahead. Below are some quick tips to avoid a pipe burst, flooding, and more while winter gives us its worst.

  • If you plan on heading to warmer temperatures (and we don’t blame you) make sure to ask a friend to check in on your place at least once a week.
  • As much as turning the heat on seems like a waste if you’re out of town, it could save you later in the form of avoiding bursting pipes. Keep your heat at 68 degrees!
  • Expose your plumbing to the warm air within your home by keeping cabinets open, this will help the warmth circulate around the pipes, and help prevent bursting pipes and potential flooding.
  • Turning your taps on a
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'Tis the season to get your craft on! With the holiday season in full swing, you may be in need of some décor to spruce up your home. Make your holiday season festive with these clever holiday DIY ideas. It's the most wonderful time of year to go all out on decorations, and spend quality time with family and friends while doing it!

1. Wooden Ornaments

Sick of using the same store-bought ornaments year after year? Freshen up your Christmas tree with hand-painted wooden ornaments! Stop by your local craft store, grab a few wood slices, and embrace your inner-artist. Paint a simple design or word,  drill a hole, and string a ribbon through for hanging!

2. Glass Bottle Menorah

Start collecting empty glass bottles to create this simple

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If you're looking for a new place to own and don't want to dish out your life savings, you may want to look into a co-op. Co-op, short for "cooperative," is a unique way to obtain property. For an apartment in a co-op building, you are buying shares instead of buying the property itself. A co-op is owned and controlled by a group of individuals who have equal shares and occupancy rights to the housing. Buying a share gives you access into the shareholder group and the rights of the co-op corporation.

Co-ops can come in all shapes and sizes:

  • single family homes
  • townhouses
  • mid and high-rise apartment complexes
  • garden apartments
  • senior housing
  • and more!


One of the biggest advantages of living in a co-op

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Chicago is a city full of transplants and transients. It’s a place that attracts individuals who want to better their career, live in a huge and gorgeous city, or pursue a degree at some of the best institutions this country has to offer. All of these efforts are exciting, but when it comes to holidays many of these go-getters are away from their families. Friends work together to create Friendsgiving dinners so no one has to feel lonely, but what else is there to do?

The reside360 team compiled a list of the top five things to do around Chicago on Thanksgiving. It may be different than what you’re used to, but it’s never too late to start a new tradition.

1) 40 Annual Turkey Trot Chicago 5K & 8K
Lincoln Park, Chicago
9:00 AM

Kick the morning

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Camping out in your PJ's all winter may sound tempting, but there is a ton to see and do around town! Although Chicago winters are known to be full of polar-vortex madness, Chicago has plenty of family friendly activities that are worth bundling up and venturing outdoors. Grab your kids, zip up your winter jackets, and head on out to brave the cold. From ice skating in Maggie Daley Park to walking through Candy Cane Lane, there is bound to be a winter adventure perfect for you and your family!

Here are 10 places to add to your winter itinerary:


1. Zoo Lights 

The Zoo Lights at Lincoln Park Zoo is a fun, family-oriented, and FREE fest that features magnificent light displays and seasonal activities throughout the zoo. The celebration is

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Much of River North restaurateurs and developers wait with baited breath as the council votes today, October 11, on ordinances that would ban new establishments from receiving a liquor license. Heading the pack championing the implementation of this ordinance is Alderman Brendan Reilly, who has had a public feud with River North institution Bottled Blonde in the past.

Reilly cites that many businesses in River North that run under a liquor license as a restaurant are skirting the responsibility of their true function: being a night club. Clubs are subjected to more hoops to jump through and higher costs to maintain the licensing needed to sell alcohol.

Currently River North, which is the 42nd ward, has more liquor licenses than any other ward,

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At Chicago’s 5th Ward meeting that occurred earlier in the week, developer Carlton Knight’s presence was noted. He was there to propose the first condominium construction project in South Shore since the unsuccessful FJF Development proposition over a decade ago. The 2006 project, which began as a dazzling 30-story condo, shrunk to 19, and then petered out completely.

In an attempt to recoup some of their $3.4 million investment, FJF is now asking for $529,000.

This area is similar to many of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods, where rental buildings have surged the past two years, and some condominiums converted to rental units. Thus Knight’s plan to create a building that offers ownership may breathe new life into the South Shore area.

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