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Much of River North restaurateurs and developers wait with baited breath as the council votes today, October 11, on ordinances that would ban new establishments from receiving a liquor license. Heading the pack championing the implementation of this ordinance is Alderman Brendan Reilly, who has had a public feud with River North institution Bottled Blonde in the past.

Reilly cites that many businesses in River North that run under a liquor license as a restaurant are skirting the responsibility of their true function: being a night club. Clubs are subjected to more hoops to jump through and higher costs to maintain the licensing needed to sell alcohol.

Currently River North, which is the 42nd ward, has more liquor licenses than any other ward,

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At Chicago’s 5th Ward meeting that occurred earlier in the week, developer Carlton Knight’s presence was noted. He was there to propose the first condominium construction project in South Shore since the unsuccessful FJF Development proposition over a decade ago. The 2006 project, which began as a dazzling 30-story condo, shrunk to 19, and then petered out completely.

In an attempt to recoup some of their $3.4 million investment, FJF is now asking for $529,000.

This area is similar to many of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods, where rental buildings have surged the past two years, and some condominiums converted to rental units. Thus Knight’s plan to create a building that offers ownership may breathe new life into the South Shore area.

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Are you haunted over Halloween decoration ideas? Are you dying for inspiration? Check out this countdown of top 10 Illinois homes and their spooky creations!

10) Neponset, Illinois

The thirst is real for these skeletons trying to break in! We fed them once and they just keep coming back! 

9) Sycamore, Illinois

It's a pumpkin but also sort of a potato, and a Mrs. Potato Head at that! Brain explosion!

8) Old Town Chicago, Illinois

Witches be crazy!

7) St. Charles, Illinois

Is the Prius part of the decoration?

6) Arthur, Illinois

This house could use more pumpkins...

5) Gold Coast, Illinois

Those glowing eyes will haunt your dreams.

4) Boilingbrook, Illinois

Okay, hold the phone, this is

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The well-known restaurant group Boka, hopes to continue its Chicago success with its newest Gold Coast based restaurant Somerset, located in a prime location, next to the new Viceroy Hotel. The minted restaurant seats 180 people inside with sky-high ceilings, plus 90 al-fresco. Somerset, in hues of blue with nautical styling, aims for a 60’s yacht club vibe.

To pay homage to the former seedy and perhaps questionable reputation of prior tenants at the 1112 N State street location, the out of place neon sign for the Cedar Hotel hangs dominantly on the second floor. Despite the locations prior patrons of intoxicated college kids, Somerset hopes to attract a more refined crowd.

Wood-grilled fare is at the menu’s center stage, with dishes like

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Check out amazing photos of this beautiful Lincoln Park Mansion, measuring 11,000 square feet. The listing price dropped over a million dollars, from $9.2 million to $7.8 million.

See the full listing now!


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See anything you love? You can order it right now for yourself on Amazon! Many of these items also make great house-warming gifts.

30) Reef Fruit Bowl


Add color and texture to your kitchen with this reef fruit bowl. It comes in three colors, black, red, and silver, to match any kitchen’s scheme.

29) Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray

 For those ruff days that can only be solved by a refreshing drink, this adorable ice cube tray is a match made in doggy heaven.

28) Bread Bin


Alright, we will be honest, bread is more boring than, well, bread. Now Designs offers bread boxes in a multitude of colors that pop to give the boring old bread box a breath of freshness.

27) Arthur Boiled Egg Cup Holder with Eating Spoon



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On Monday, August 21, Chicago will bear witness to a partial solar eclipse, a rare celestial event that last occurred in the Chicago area in 1979. The eclipse will start at 11:54 a.m., and will last approximately two hours until the moon covers 90 percent of the sun at 1:19 p.m., leaving a crescent of the sun’s corona visible. This event has been dubbed “The Great American Eclipse,” because the eclipse’s path traverses the length of the United States. The total solar eclipse will be visible from Carbondale, but for many Chicagoans on a Monday, it’s not feasible to travel to southern Illinois to see it. However, there are many options for those in Chicago who still want to witness the partial eclipse. Reside360 put on our investigative trench coats and

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One of the tradeoffs of living in a condo of prime Chicago Real Estate is that you may get beautiful city and lake views, like in the Gold Coast, but you’re not able to take advantage of a yard like people in the suburbs. However, the lack of space doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own garden in your apartment. With the help of these innovative indoor gardens, you can exercise your green thumb and grow plants in your home. Other than adding plush greenery, houseplants are beneficial for the people who grow them as well – they help filter pollutants from the air, improve air quality through photosynthesis, and help people concentrate. So, grab your trowel and watering can and get to work creating your own personal garden. 

1. Click & Grow Smart Herb

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It seems as though the West Loop residential boom is slowing, but not quite dead for Chicago Real Estate. After a project that was first proposed three years ago seemed indefinitely dormant, last week the buildings proposed for 1061 and 1107 W. Van Buren Street received permits to move forward with the residential renting units. This development shows that while the project is advancing other issues were incurred to slow down construction.

While the building originally called for 402 rental units and 236 spaces for parking, it looks as though the latest plan calls for some downsizing. Currently on file, the new plan has 298 units and 140 parking spots. One can only speculate on the cause of the downsizing.

The design is a product of

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Would a cat café be a purr-fect addition to the Lincoln Park neighborhood? One woman thinks so. Jennifer Tiner is currently trying to raise enough money to open a cat-centric café called the “Windy Kitty,” at 1746 W North Avenue. The purpose of the cat café is to introduce cats to people who may want to adopt them, according to Tiner’s Indiegogo fundraising page. The Windy Kitty’s Indiegogo campaign has ended, but the Windy Kitty is selling merchandise through their Facebook page. The proceeds of each piece of merchandise sold will go toward opening the café.

The Windy Kitty aims to be a place where people can, “hang out with cats and no pressure to adopt,” as well as enjoy ethically sourced food and drinks. The café expects to accommodate 15

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