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Sure, Castaways Bar and Restaurant is great. The elevated space offers its guests views of the water, and it’s fantastic for people watching from above, plus the service is quick. It’s also great for broiling in the sun on hot days, while the tables in the shade are coveted, and may have caused strongly worded verbal exchanges over who is entitled to them. One can also enjoy drunk college students calling each other names over how much they can chug. It’s not Castaways’ fault. They were the only place right off the beach that offered sit down dining and a server.

That’s all a thing of the past now, with the new restaurant, Shore Club, opening in August. The new space offers three distinct sections, with room for 200 guests. The Patio portion is

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One of the underappreciated benefits of living in a big city like Chicago is the ability to easily travel to other destinations outside the city’s limits by using mass-transit. That means a relaxed trip without the stress of driving, traffic, or pumping gas. With warmer weather upon us, there isn’t a better time to hop on the Metra or the Amtrak and explore what’s just beyond our bubble. Here are the six best places to visit along the Metra and Amtrak during the summer:

Ravinia Festival –
Take the Union Pacific North Line and get off at Ravinia Park.
Ravinia The front gate to the Ravinia Festival

The Ravinia Festival is the oldest outdoor music festival in America. The festival started in 1904 and is open for the summer season – June through September –

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Interior designer Jeannie Balsam of Jeannie Balsam Interiors is a woman known for providing highly functional interiors that are beautiful, classic, and inviting. With her 17 plus years of experience in the industry she’s no stranger to design challenges, especially when it comes to making the most of space in downtown Chicago’s condos.

As city dwellers know, one major challenge that comes with a prime downtown location is the shortage of square footage. That’s why Balsam considers storage solutions right out of the gate, during the preliminary stages of her design. “Without storage the space will just end up cluttered, which means the design they wanted and worked so hard to perfect will never look as great as intended,” says Balsam.

Some of

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Is Chicago’s Booming Real Estate Poised to Fail?

You’ve seen the stories. River North is booming! South Loop is booming! Buy, Lease, Go! But, is there a major influx of people coming to Chicago? Can this boom sustain its costs?

In the South Loop a large shopping mall project that was given the green light last August has remained vacant for several months, and now has a “for sale” sign on display. It was noted that the investor listed as Jaytee LLC recently filed for bankruptcy, but it’s unknown if this is contingent on the failed South Loop shopping mall project or a different unsuccessful venture. The South Loop itself has already seen development with new shopping centers and restaurants, so perhaps it’s possible that the failed shopping mall

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By: Maura Braun

A big part of city living in downtown Chicago, is having a spectacular view. “My job is to bring the outdoors in, even if that means taking everything up 45 floors,” says Interior Designer, Maura Braun. “We bring nature into our interiors to add a modern, textural warmth to the home. Nature is just one of Braun’s three must haves for a successful project, which are nature, color, and materials.

Think of how you feel on a late June afternoon. The sun is touching you with warmth through its red and yellow based color palette that bathes everything in a warm glow. The divides of a tree’s bark are accentuated with texture and shadows that make for a very warm and friendly encounter.

Photo Courtesy of Lambros Photography, Inc.Photo Courtesy of Lambros Photography, Inc.


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One of the many struggles of living in a high rise apartment in Chicago is taking care of a furry companion, like a cat or dog. Not only is the limited access to greenery and open spaces a stressor on you, the owner, it can also cause anxiety for your pet. The reside360 team tracked down a local Chicago veterinarian, Jen Henderson, from Near North Animal Hospital to get the lowdown on best practices for the busy Chicagoan and their hairy babies.


Kiss my Grass

If you’ve ever had a dog, or even just fostered one for a few days, you’re all too familiar with the little whine and scratch at the door in the middle of the night. Good ol’ Spot needs out and no he can’t hold it. When you live in a freestanding home, peeling yourself out of bed,

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Jamie Schachtel is a local Chicago interior designer who specializes in high rise décor. Her eye leans towards neutral colors with a mix-and-match of textures throughout a space. She believes each design should flow into the next area so that every room feels connected.    

When asked how accessorizing in a high rise is different from a freestanding home, Jamie replied, “In a high rise it’s all about the view. When decorating a new place I focus on the best approach to accentuate the stunning sights of Chicago.”


In Millennium Tower, on the 47th floor, Jamie, and her design partner, Danielle Yucht, did their magic. To allow the owners to eat up the hues of the city in the kitchen, she placed the dining room table in the corner where a person

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One of the many things people appreciate about visiting Chicago or living here is the preservation of our history and pride in the city. This includes the architecture. Chicago has one of the most recognizable skylines in the world; beyond the impressive steel and glass, the city is home to many old-timey homes that reflect Chicago’s history.

A recent study indicates that many of the older homes in areas like Lincoln Park and Lakeview are being advertised as “tear down” specials. The listings suggest the price for the home is basically paying for the lot and not the home. This hints to the investor that the home isn’t worth restoring and if they bought the spot they could tear down the home in favor of creating a new and state-of-the-art home

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Find out about what all the newest buildings in Chicago’s Near North neighborhoods have to offer and which building is the right fit for you!

River North: 2,022 new units
Gold Coast: 865 new units
Streeterville: 490 new units
Old Town: 129 new units

165 W Superior | River North

165 W Superior, also called Exhibit on Superior, is geared towards the artsy and creative. Featuring a clubhouse they call “Howie,” their website boasts, “You’ll find charging stations, work spaces and blazing fast Wi-Fi access.” The building also features a gym that includes your pick of cardio equipment, electronic boxing simulator, and sauna. Exhibit features other attributes common to the River North neighborhood including a 24 hour doorman, private balconies, and

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One of the scariest parts about buying a home is figuring out the mortgage. Many prospective home buyers wait too long to start setting themselves up for the best mortgage rates and pay for it dearly when they can’t afford the home of their dreams or it gets purchased out from under them because they couldn’t get approval for a mortgage in time.

Looking at listings before getting your ducks in a row with a mortgage is ill-advised. As you begin to realize your dream of being a homeowner, before you even look at a single home, you need to figure out what your credit is, and what type of mortgage you may receive. This prevents you from getting your hopes up on a home you may not be able to afford within the timeline you want it. If you are aware of what

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