Advice for Future Renters

Posted by Mike Kravitz on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016 at 4:27pm.

We all know to consider what our social media pages look like when searching for a job. We carefully curate our pictures, our statuses and even go so far as to change our name to make ourselves harder to find by potential employers. Some may consider a company searching for you on social media an invasion of privacy, but regardless of your take on it, we all know it happens.

Now imagine you are happily employed and have a lucrative career. You have great credit and plenty of money in savings. You aren’t quite ready to commit to purchasing a home and are currently on the hunt for a new rental. After finding the perfect condo in the Gold Coast you discover that the owner doesn’t want you as a tenant. So what went wrong?

Just like a future employer, an owner considers every aspect of your life. Finances are not their only concern, they also worry about your lifestyle. If your profile picture on facebook is of you shot-gunning a beer the owner will wonder if you plan on regularly throwing parties at their place. They don’t see you enjoying life, they see a stained carpet or drywall with holes punched through it.

To protect yourself against an owner jumping to conclusions, treat your search for a rental the same way you would treat a job search. Make sure your social media is private and that items anyone can view represent you in a way that is favorable. Although we’d like to think no one should judge a book by its cover, the process of renting out a property can be scary. Taking away all opportunities for an owner to second-guess you can be the difference between getting the place you love or making your search that much more difficult. 

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