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When you decide to buy a condominium, remember it’s a different process from buying a single-family home. There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a condominium in Chicago.

Buyers are attracted to condo living because of the convenience to area shopping, dining, and amenities. If a repair is needed, the building maintenance team handles it, not the unit owner. Not everyone wants to mow a backyard lawn every weekend or tend to unruly shrubbery, so condo living appeals to people with fast-paced busy lifestyles who want to live in downtown Chicago where all the dining, shopping, and nightlife are a few steps away. 

Keep a proactive outlook when selecting a unit. Think about how your family or living situation may change in the

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When you think of buying a brand new home built the way you want it, you expect the process to be easy without obstacles like repairs and contingencies. However, there are things you should keep in mind when buying a new construction condominium in Chicago. This is a list of tips to help you get the most for your money and what to expect when you buy a new construction condominium in Chicago. 

Be Patient and Get Upgrade Costs in Writing

When you buy an existing home, you can expect to move into your home in a couple of months or sooner. However, new construction condos can take longer depending on how far along the developer is in the construction process.

Make sure the estimated completion date works for your schedule. Be prepared for

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Market Watch

Home buyers should keep an eye on the ebb and flow of the 2019 real estate market and trends. The housing market of 2019 may be one of changing tides. Predicting them is almost impossible. Before starting a search for your next apartment, loft, co-op, penthouse, townhouse, or condominium in Chicago, it’s a good idea to get a sense of the forces that sway the market. compiled some data about housing market predictions and determined that both buyers and sellers may face challenges in 2019. You can see the full Housing 2019 Forecast here.

Below, is a collection of highlights from the report and other sources about 2019 trends and forecasts for the U.S. real estate market, with special emphasis on Chicago properties.


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Chicagoans are proud of their city. From the breathtaking skyline to its unique neighborhoods, Chicago is a sight to see. Chicago acts as a muse to artists across the globe, translating their inspiration into art. Below are ten renderings of Chicago enthused art that we love. Best of all, they are available for purchase for you to display in your home!

1) Why we love it: The skyline of Chicago is amazing, but Chicago itself is filled with a myriad of beautiful and historic buildings that sometimes don’t get the love they deserve. One of those structures is Marina City. Designed by Bertrand Goldberg, Marina City was the first in the United States to be constructed with tower cranes, when it was completed in 1964.

The design itself is simplistic and

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Perhaps the only people happy about winter in Chicago are the snowmen. Below are the top ten Snowmen across Chicagoland! Click the hyperlinks to check out spaces available for buying or renting in the indicated area!

10) Rainbow Beach Park Snowmen getting ready for….camping? 

9) The perfect looking snowman in Beverly. This is the Denzel Washington of snowmen…

8) Starting forward for the Bulls...on the West side of Chicago! 

7) Upper-Westside, where it looks like the people are sweeter.

6) This hipster snowman, with just a hint of a goatee was right outside of Cobb Café in Hyde Park.

5) Outside of Navy Pier, in the Streeterville area, this little snowman doubles as an advertisement as well as voicing the sentiments

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Staying warm and cozy through the fall and winter is a high priority when living in the colder climates. It can be difficult when showing a home during this period because comfortable at times may equal cluttered. We at reside360 enlisted the help of two local Chicago interior designers to show how to stage your home as warm and cozy without getting too frumpy. 

Brianne Bishop of Brianne Bishop Design

Chunky knit throws are a big trend right now and they are an easy, functional way to  make your home feel extra cozy; we are also loving all of the beautiful, soft faux fur  throws available.

Toss a couple on your soft down sectional, light a fire and you are set for one of  Chicago's most beautiful seasons.

See some of Brianne's designs below,

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It may surprise you to hear that Lincoln Park wasn’t always a highly sought after area, and in fact has a turbulent past.

Before the 1830s the area that is now known as Lincoln Park was swamp land and home to Native Americans. Eventually a US Amy base was developed and as the area became industrialized and used for agriculture a community sprang.

Not long after smallpox broke out and claimed the lives of many. The dead were buried in shallow graves, and due to less than efficient drainage systems the cemetery had to be relocated, which meant digging up the dead. Makes your current job sound pretty appealing doesn’t it?

Fast forward to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Lincoln Park was leveled and many lost their lives. It was at this point that

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Here's a quick guide of some overlooked items to consider when looking to purchase a new home. Don't let a beautiful fireplace overshadow your need for parking, or new appliances trick you into forgetting the place needs to be rewired. Look over the list below and happy hunting! 

1. You’re Hot then You’re Cold

While older homes have their charm they may also come with the heavy burden of high utility bills due to inefficient heating and cooling systems. Check on all systems to give your home a thumbs up.

2. Get Touchy

Don’t be afraid to get a little hands-on. Flip every switch, turn on and off the faucets, make sure the toilets flush. Do it more than once if you don’t like a sound it made. You may feel like you’re being overly invasive, but

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10 Things You Should Ask a Real Estate Agent

Having the right real estate professional by your side can greatly improve your home-buying experience. A good rule of thumb is to interview a minimum of three candidates.

Here are 10 questions to ask during an interview:

  1. Are you a full-time professional REALTOR®?

    • How long have you worked full-time in real estate?
    • What geographic areas do you specialize in?


  2. Do you have a Website?

    • What information can I find there?


  3. How will you keep me informed during my home search and throughout the transaction?

  4. Do you have a staff or a team?

    • If so, what roles will they play in my transaction?


  5. Will you show me properties from other

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Deciding How Much House You Can Afford

Before you start house hunting, you need to determine how much house you can afford, which will entail getting either prequalified or preapproved for a home loan. A real estate agent can help you find a mortgage broker to begin the process. While getting preapproved is a more in-depth process, a preapproval letter lets both real estate agents and sellers know that you're a serious shopper who means business.

What do I do to get prequalified?

A prequalification can be done online or over the phone and does not require your submitting financial documents. You will be asked to provide basic information about your finances — for instance, your household income versus your debt load. With this information, the

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