Five Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Home Warmer

Posted by Melanie Jones on Thursday, August 29th, 2019 at 12:45pm.

Winter is still a few months away, but just the thought of those permeating cold drafts wandering through your house is enough to give you chills. While plummeting mid-west temperatures are unavoidable outside, seeking refuge in the warmth of our homes is a delight many of us treasure. But what if your home loses warmth quickly, or the electricity bill starts reaching staggering amounts? Fear not! Get warm and cozy with these five inexpensive options to keep the heat in and the frigid cold out!

1) Recaulk your Windows and Door Frames

There is varying levels of quality among caulk, so even if you’ve caulked within the last two years, it’s possible that there are cracks allowing cold air through. Be sure to look at your electricity bill over the last few years and compare your winter months. If you see the overall bills are getting higher each year (take into consideration raised pricing of course) then this might be a good indicator that the caulk is worn or cracked. Adding weather stripping is another alternative to caulking. Even the highest-grade caulk should be examined and re-assessed every five years at least. An easy way to check is by lighting incense and holding it around the frame of your doors and windows to see if the direction of the smoke changes because air is coming through.

2) Turn on your Fan

Yes, this one definitely seems a bit counterintuitive, but the reasoning checks out! By turning your fan to rotate clockwise on the lowest setting you can recirculate the warm air that has risen towards your ceiling. This action pushes the warm air back down, thus keeping the room warmer.

3) Open Your Blinds that Face South

We all know the best space heater of all time is the sun (this joke is amazing). Opening your south-facing blinds leverages the sun’s heat by letting the sunshine into your home. This is a natural way to keep the temperature of a room warmer by a few degrees. That may not sound like much, but over the span of several months it helps keep costs down.

4) In Cold Months Let Humidity be Your Friend

Anyone who puts effort into doing their hair may shriek at the idea of adding humidity to anything, but when it comes to the dry cold that mid-west winters are known for, humidity not only keeps homes warmer, but there are some health benefits. Moisture in the air makes the temperature feel warmer. Purchasing an inexpensive humidifier is a great way to make each room hold warmth for longer and without having to raise the thermostat. The moisture also helps prevent bloody noses, dry throats, cracked skin, and dry eyes.

5) Change Your Furniture Layout

This advice is kind of like “have you tried turning it on and off again?” because it seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised! Make sure that none of your furniture is blocking vents. Your couch doesn’t need to keep its toes warm! Especially if you’ve rented a furnished place, objects like a bookshelf may be preventing the delivery of warm air. If vents are being obstructed by anything consider rearranging the layout, even if it’s only for the colder months.

We hope you enjoyed these quick and inexpensive tips for a warmer home. As you gear up for colder weather there are other alternatives like using a smart thermostat system or having old windows and doors replaced. These ventures may be a bit more costly, but with the implementation of the above, coming home to a toasty place is worth its weight in cold gold.

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