Seven Nightmare Real Estate Listings

Posted by reside360 Team on Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 at 2:28pm.

Some real estate agents have more on their hands than others. Thank goodness no one at reside360 has ever had to handle nightmare real estate listings like these!

1)Why yes, that is a see-through shower and toilet in the middle of the KITCHEN. How is this sanitary??

Awful Real Estate Listings

2) Welcome to the attic, how would you like to be murdered? I mean, nice day!

Nightmare Real Estate Listings

3) High ceilings, just needs a fresh coat of paint!

Bad Real Estate Listings

4) This listing..... rocks? We're sorry, we will see ourselves out.

Funny Real Estate Listings

5) Whoever staged this really hit existentialism on the head.

Terrible Real Estate Listing Photos

6) Wild, Wild, Houses

Real Estate Listings Pictures

7) Mermaid, more like mer-maybe-don't.

Strange Real Estate Listing Photos


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