Ten Things You May Forget to Consider While Looking to Buy

Posted by Mike Kravitz on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 at 3:31pm.

Here's a quick guide of some overlooked items to consider when looking to purchase a new home. Don't let a beautiful fireplace overshadow your need for parking, or new appliances trick you into forgetting the place needs to be rewired. Look over the list below and happy hunting! 

1. You’re Hot then You’re Cold

While older homes have their charm they may also come with the heavy burden of high utility bills due to inefficient heating and cooling systems. Check on all systems to give your home a thumbs up.

2. Get Touchy

Don’t be afraid to get a little hands-on. Flip every switch, turn on and off the faucets, make sure the toilets flush. Do it more than once if you don’t like a sound it made. You may feel like you’re being overly invasive, but you’re not. You’re taking on a major financial venture and you have the right to double check every nook and cranny.

3. Figure Out Your Lighting

You saw a home you loved at 11:00a. The sun filled the living room and you pictured yourself spending Sunday mornings lounging with your loved ones. Don’t fall for the place just yet! Make time to go back to view the place again but at a different time of day to confirm that you still love the space with different lighting.

4. All Dressed Up with No Place to Park

There are multiple factors new home buyers forget to consider and pay for dearly later. In big cities certain areas have very restrictive parking rules, such as sticker parking 24/7 or pay for parking as the only option. It’s difficult to have friends over when they have to park a mile away just to visit! Make sure to walk around the area and ask what the parking situation is like.

5. Get the Hook Up

Having a washer and dryer can be viewed as a luxury for some and absolutely necessary for others. Decide how high having one in your home is on your priority list. If you can do without one in unit, find out if there is one in the building and if it’s coin only. If the space does not have one ask what the process of adding a washer and dryer would be and the approximate costs. Some places have the hook up ready, and other places don’t, which would get costly.

6. Forage for Storage

Storage space is a valuable but an often overlooked asset. Is there a place to store winter items or your bike when it’s not in use? Some places come with storage, others may provide storage for a fee, and there are also places that offer no storage at all. Be aware of what your options are.

7. Smoke and Mirrors

Part of an agent’s job is staging a place. They put special consideration into placing a mirror to make the space look larger, make cookies so the place smells wonderful, and apply fresh coats of paint throughout. Ask yourself, without all the razzle dazzle, is this space still right for you?

8. That Certain Spark

Will the circuit blow if two ac units are on? Check out the fuse board, which can be a give-away of the state of wiring in the space. Getting wiring redone costs a pretty penny, so if the place makes you feel electric make sure you include rewiring fees in your budget.

9. Your Neighbor is Getting the Band Back Together

If the seller or showing agent has music playing throughout the home ask them to shut it off. You want to make sure that you can’t hear your neighbor sneeze through the walls. Imagine if your neighbor wanted to practice playing the sax and you could hear every flat note?

10. What’s the area like?

If you’re seeing the place during the day but bars or clubs are located nearby, what’s that noise level going to be like at night and what’s the clientele like? Ask yourself if you’re okay with whatever those answers turn out to be. Perhaps take a visit to the area and explore the nightlife. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this list! We hope it helps and makes the process just a little bit easier. 

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