Tenant Fraud: Fake Pay Stubs

Posted by Mike Kravitz on Thursday, January 5th, 2017 at 1:18pm.

The things one can research online these days are crazy! You can google your name and somehow find your senior graduation picture from high school. If that’s not scary enough, your applicants can search for items online to sham you into thinking they are in good standing. From a fake driver’s license to a fraudulent pay stub, beware that someone may be trying to bamboozle you.

How do you combat this? For one, try doing a little online research yourself. Google phrases like “Fake pay stub” and variations of it, and look through the images. This will help clue you into what fake ones may resemble. Aside from this, you can also request employee verification from an applicant, and contact the employer yourself. If you don’t want to put in all that work, using a company like Background Research Inc. to verify information for you is also an option. You could incur the fee yourself, or you can request for the potential tenant to pay as part of their background check fee.

In the ever evolving world of technology, remember the same tools that can be used to trick you can also be utilized to keep you ahead of the game. Accessing websites like reside360.com and similar sites that offer up-to-date information for landlords are certainly a handy device to keep in mind.  

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