Trade Luxury for Company

Posted by reside360 Team on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 at 3:19pm.

Sure, the city of Chicago is full of wonderful people, and there are a dozen apps to make new friends or meet a potential new love interest, but how easy is it to organically form new bonds? More and more development companies are offering homes with the dorm feeling to help catalyze new connections. What does that mean exactly? Less luxury in the room itself, less space, shared bathrooms, but more concentration on community spaces such as game rooms and movie rooms with social programming, plus yoga groups, and happy hour.

Don’t let that description fool you though, the pricing is still similar to some of the nice high-rises throughout Chicago. 30 E Balboa offers apartments with a furnished option for $1,549 a month per room (in this case a three bedroom apartment). Other locations that boast the idea of focusing on community above luxury are 1237 W Fullerton, and 2048 W Chicago.

While the spaces are great for new Chicago dwellers, the idea isn’t for these spots to be a permanent residence. Many who opt for these community-style buildings are transient: on rounds for their doctorate, on contract with an architectural firm, or grad students, for example.

Trading luxury for company is certainly more than a fair deal for extroverted socialites looking to build new relationships. Perhaps more developing luxurious condos should take note of the attempt to create community spaces that are more conducive to meeting neighbors. How many people actually call their neighbor a friend these days?

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