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New East Side Chicago Real Estate

Chicago neighborhood boundaries are often a bit open to interpretation. In this case, the boundaries are firm, it is the name that is still being hashed out. Known as the New East Side, New Eastside, or Near East Side, this neighborhood is bordered by Lake Shore Drive, E Randolph, Michigan Ave, and the Chicago River. Formed from land that used to be part of the lake (like Streeterville), the New East Side is considered the newest and smallest of Chicago’s neighborhoods, and one of the most exciting. The New East Side is in the 60610 and 60622 ZIP codes. Learn more about community amenities and activities, and check our Chicago MLS listings, featuring homes for sale near the New East Side.

Real Estate in New East Side, Chicago


General Home and Housing Types Found In Chicago’s New East Side

Like many of the neighborhoods nearby, the New East Side is all condo and apartment towers. Condos here are priced as low as $188,000, and currently top out at $5.7 million.

New East Side Neighborhood History

The New East Side was formed from debris being dumped in the Chicago River and Lake Michigan in the aftermath of the Chicago Fire. This fill land would be used first by the Illinois Central Railway as a train yard. The railroad came up with the then-novel concept of ‘air rights’, that is, selling the rights to the space above the tracks. The first building to take advantage of that idea was the Prudential Building, at Randolph and Stetson. When completed in 1955, it was the tallest building in the city, and a tourist attraction. It was followed by Outer Drive East in 1963, then the world’s largest apartment building.

That was the start of the building in earnest. Outer Drive East was followed by Lake Point and Harbor Point Towers. In recent years, the addition of Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park, and the project around these public lands have continued to draw residents and businesses to the area.

Events, Activities, Lifestyle, and Dining Options In Chicago’s New East Side

The New East Side is easily one of the most glamourous in the city, and the food scene reflects that. Protein Bar on Michigan was just named by Zagat as one of the top three fast casual restaurants in the city. For the power lunch set, The Palm is still the only place to consider. Known for aged beef, excellent seafood, and martinis that make the Sahara look like wetlands, The Palm is the place to spend a long lunch making deals that shake the world. For a more toned down meal with a focus on Asian fusion cuisine, check out Aria Restaurant - we suggest the Metrosexual Martini, served on a tray with skin care product samples, and a certificate for a free manicure.

For nightlife, check out BIG Bar, proving that not all things big are in Texas. They use a rolling ladder to fetch the top shelf drinks – they mean it when they say BIG. For a more cozy feel, head back to Aria’s Bar for drinks, and comfy little nooks to spend time with someone special.

New East Side Neighborhood Culture, Shopping, and Lifestyle

The neighborhood has a unique feature – the streets are multi-level, with upper and lower (and sometimes sub-lower) streets confusing the tourists. The layout also confuses Google Maps, which melds them all together into one street, usually lower, and asks you to turn on streets that exist only on the upper level. Be careful!

The shopping is almost all hotel-based, but the Magnificent Mile is the western border, and all the shopping nirvana you could want is right there, just steps away!

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