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West Loop Chicago Real Estate

Starting at the Chicago River, and heading west to Ashland, the West Loop is a vibrant former industrial area known for a hip vive, historic architecture and buildings, and popular attractions. The West Loop is in the 60607 ZIP code. Keep reading for community amenities and activities, and check our Chicago MLS listings, featuring homes for sale near West Loop.

Real Estate in West Loop, Chicago

General Home and Housing Types Found In Chicago’s West Loop


Comparatively affordable, the West Loop market is primarily one of lofts, mid to high rise condos, and rehabbed industrial buildings. The unspoken agreement is to keep the industrial feel of the neighborhood as much as possible, limiting the number of skinny glass towers found elsewhere. Homes in the West Loop neighborhood can range between $199,000 and $700,000.

West Loop Neighborhood History

The history of the West Loop is one of wild swings between poverty and luxury. Originally a collection of frame shanties in a prairie near the rail yards, by the Civil War the West Loop was one of the wealthiest districts in the city, known as the ‘West Side Gold Coast’. The construction of the elevated tracks, combined with labor unrest in the late 1800s drove the wealthy inhabitants out, leading to the industrial construction that still forms a large part of the neighborhood. Things began to change in February of 1961 with the announcement that the University of Illinois’ new Chicago campus would be constructed on land at Harrison and Halsted. Investment in the future continued through the 1980s, leading to the destination neighborhood of today.

Events, Activities, Lifestyle, and Dining Options In West Loop

As with many Chicago neighborhoods, there is a lack of universal boundaries and cleanly defined areas. So it is that the West Loop claims parts of the Fulton River District as itself. Or the other way around. What it means to the hungry Chicagoan is that the high quality dining in the West Loop includes standouts like Carnivale and Blackbird - often considered part of other neighborhoods.

The West Loop has plenty to choose from that isn’t shared. No description would be complete without the inclusion of the wildly popular, and long lasting (since 1971), Greek Islands. This is the best known dining establishment in the Greektown district which includes Athena, Parthenon, and Pegasus. The fine dining scene is well represented with Girl and the Goat, the late Homaro Cantu’s Moto, and Asian BBQ Belly Q.

Post-dining options abound as well. The Aviary in the Fulton Market District is known as a swanky cocktail bar. Beer drinkers will enjoy the Beer Bistro, with more than 100 offerings. For a more continental feel, Maude’s Liquor Bar gets high marks. With a retro feel and line to get in, one of the most popular of the Fulton Market District clubs is The Betty, with small plates and classic cocktails.

Tragically, the West Loop stops just short of The House that Jordan Built, but there is a consolation prize every year in Union Park, home of the Pitchfork Music Festival. Not as controversial as some, less expensive than others, Pitchfork has been showcasing the best in indie music since 2005.

West Loop Neighborhood Culture, Shopping, and Lifestyle

Shopping abounds in the West Loop. Some of the more interesting spots to browse and buy would be Takohl Design offering custom designed rings and wedding sets; Publican Quality Meats, a specialist butcher shop in the Fulton Market; and Method Bicycle, an appointment only custom bike builder.

The West Loop is a vibrant, busy neighborhood with tons of shopping, dining, nightlife, and other attractions. There is always something new and unexpected, and never a shortage of action!

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